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Even Public Clouds can
store data securely

Cloud storage services such as Dropbox are convenient and frequently used. Although Dropbox transmits the files from the user to the Dropbox server and back again in encrypted form, the files, however, are not protected. The same holds for other cloud services. Even if encryption is suggested, we have not yet found a convincing cloud storage concept that can be guaranteed safe.

 The encryption tool of Boxcryptor provides a solution: more security through secure file encryption!

BoxcryptorBoxcryptor is an encryption tool which was developed in Germany to make data transmission with commonly used and popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive more secure for the user.  For this process, Boxcryptor encrypts the cloud files before transferring them to the storage providers in order to protect the data effectively from misuse and hackers.

How does Boxcryptor work?

Boxcryptor creates a virtual drive on the user’s computer. After the installation of Boxcryptor all files which are saved in the Boxcryptor’s virtual drive are automatically encrypted. Boxcryptor encrypts all files with secure AES-256 and RSA encryption algorithms. The users maintain complete control over their data, while the cloud storage service only stores the encrypted data.

Boxcryptor runs on all desktop operating systems and also offers apps for Android and iOS smartphones. In this way, the users can access their data from any location and at all times in the cloud without having to worry about security issues.

Every user should be aware that Boxcryptor does not achieve the same security standards as private cloud solutions because the data is only considered to be protected as long as the encryption is not compromised during data transmission outside the company.  If you aim at this level of security, please have a look at TeamDrive.

IT’S GER’s German partner is a partner of Secomba GmbH in Augsburg (Germany). Secomba GmbH is a young company that developed Boxcryptor and established itself successfully in the IT security market with this security tool.