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Top notch solutions for
mobile security

IT’S GER offers secure business solutions from Germany where Enterprise Mobility as well as security aspects, in particular the protection of company data, plays a crucial role.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management supports the implementation and management of the particular security policies of a company on mobile devices. IT’S GER offers, with datomo Mobile Device Management, the leading MDM solution in Germany, guaranteed implementation of German privacy policies and security standards at the highest level. datomo MDM is fully certified by TÜV Trust IT (development/software/managed services). The auditor TÜV Trust IT is the world-leading security auditor for IT security audits.

Secure cloud services and encryption

Cloud services facilitate working with mobile devices because files can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Users of free cloud services should protect themselves effectively against unauthorized access. IT’S GER offers customers two secure solutions to use cloud computing in a responsible way and counteract any possible security breaches:

The secure German cloud software TeamDrive allows users to operate a private cloud in their company infrastructure permitting them to synchronize, or replace, folders and files securely over the internet. In this way, the highest possible level of security can be ensured. IT’S GER’s German partner runs such an infrastructure on their own servers in Germany.

The encryption tool Boxcryptor, developed in Germany and supplied by IT’S GER, is the ideal solution for data security in the public cloud. Boxcryptor protects the data against unauthorized access in the cloud through encryption, regardless of the cloud provider. This tool is available for all platforms so that users can securely access the data on their mobile devices while being out and about.