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Secure Cloudspace

Secure Cloudspace

Security in the Cloud -
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IT’S GER shows you how

The problem with public clouds

Around 90% of the global cloud infrastructure is operated from U.S. based suppliers and is therefore unsecure because U.S. authorities have full access to all data maintained by U.S. based companies. IT’S GER considers all known forms of public cloud services as not securely encrypted data storage and does not know of any public cloud that can be considered secure. This does not only apply to explicit cloud services from Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple but also to offers of storage space from the likes of Box, Dropbox and SugarSync etc. This applies especially to storage and data exchange via social media providers from Facebook to LinkedIn.

Private clouds

Given the uncertainty over public clouds the only form of secure cloud is a self-operated, private cloud because this is the only way to ensure continued control over your data. As a solution IT’S GER offers TeamDrive servers as a hosted service or implements them in the company infrastructure of the client. To our knowledge, TeamDrive is the only existing solution for a private cloud which is fully certified with regard to data privacy and security. The TeamDrive certification is carried out regularly by the ULD Schleswig-Holstein (Independent Center for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein), the world's leading institution for the review and enforcement of data protection regulations.

Security in the public cloud

For certain scenarios the use of public clouds can be considered when the data are stored in a highly secure and encrypted manner.  A suitable solution is BoxCryptor. However, this solution is only as secure as the user-selected passwords and can be compromised if insecure passwords are used. In addition, the data are not under the control of the user and potentially, U.S. authorities and other interested government bodies could store the encrypted data.