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Mobile Strategy

German know-how for the optimal Mobility Strategy

The complexity in the area of Enterprise Mobility is ever increasing. Different operating systems, increasing varieties of devices as well as the debate about Bring Your Own Device (the use of personal devices in work) is making the situation increasingly difficult to manage. Companies and IT managers are often overwhelmed by the complexity of this task. In addition, many companies run mobile solutions without a mobile strategy, which often leads to recurring problems.

Our solution - an individual Mobility strategy

A Mobility strategy should specify essential policy decisions regarding the use of mobile devices and applications. It should be consistent with the interests and resources of the company and should involve all stakeholders in the following steps:

Step 1: Comprehensive analysis of the current situation and the definition of a deployment strategy:
  • An inventory of all mobile devices and applications, a review of existing guidelines and an analysis of security vulnerabilities.
  • A determination of all mobile scenarios which need to be covered and decisions on how  stationary systems and databases are to be integrated into the mobile solution.
Step 2: Development and implementation of a Mobility strategy:
  • The development of appropriate IT policies for the company taking existing IT guidelines into account as well as the definition of legal and security requirements.
  • The appropriate selection of mobile devices (platform and model).
  • The selection of an appropriate Mobile Device Management system for administering the devices.
  • Decisions on the data and systems that are to be made available on the mobile devices.
  • Decisions on the mobile applications to be utilized.

IT'S GER will build up your Mobility expertise as your partner in creating a holistic Mobility strategy: beginning with guidelines to building up support through our practical and action-oriented approach to consulting.