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Mobile Security

German security standards for secure use
of mobile devices

Enterprise Mobility creates a new set of challenges for companies with regard to security and data protection. Security gaps or vulnerabilities can be technological but all too often security problems arise from overburdening IT departments with mobile systems and applications.

However, the security of the mobile infrastructure is critical to the success of the company's overall security strategy.

IT’S GER provides the answer to the following questions:
  • How is corporate data protected on mobile devices?
  • How are concepts such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or PUOCE (Private Use of Company Equipment) managed responsibly?
  • What is meant by secure mobile applications and which applications are secure?
  • Which mobile applications need to be distributed to the devices?
  • What constitutes a secure mobile infrastructure?
  • How do you define the right security policies for your company?
  • How are mobile devices protected against unauthorized access or espionage?

Mobile devices can be securely managed and used responsibly - with the right technical expertise. IT'S GER guarantees the security of mobile infrastructures in compliance with the highest German security standards and German privacy policies in both our consulting and solutions we offer.